Shark Snappers are for adult too!

We sell hundreds of Sharky Snappers throughout the year to kids mostly.  But  we came across this cute story about how two adults have had fun for years with one. 

"Who would have thought a simple shark head on a pole would provide years of entertainment?   Yes, you heard me right--years.

In 2006, my husband bought a shark snapper toy on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  (For those of you who are still unsure what it does, there's a lever at the end of the pole that makes the shark snap--a great device for tormenting unsuspected souls.)  My husband, at the time, claimed he was buying the toy as a souvenir for his six year-old nephew, but as the snapping shark head often peaked around the shower curtain while I was rinsing my hair, I soon learned it was my husband's new toy.
He had fun tormenting me during the rest of our honeymoon, but I was smart.  I knew where the shark toy was packed, and once I unpacked it, I hid it--in a secret place not to be disclosed--(just in case my nosy husband is reading this.)  From this point forward, I now have control of the shark snapper, and from time to time, (usually once or twice a year) he will come out to pay my husband a visit in the shower.  (Hey, my husband's the creative one...I'm just the copycat.)

This weekend, I surprised my husband by showing Lil' Lewie how to pull the lever and use the shark.  Now, I wasn't the one bothering Daddy...instead, I had a partner in crime...  Oh, and it was so much fun!"
By Annette at Mommy Spirit Blog

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